Information      February 5 2021    We've redesigned our website!      

 New products       February 5 2021    PRECENCE CO., LTD.:”GlossWell”  anti-virus and anti-bacterial special paints are available now. 

The product has proven its effectiveness against COVID-19.

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 New products      February 5 2021    We introduce EYE GRAPHICS CO.,LTD.:"e-pure"  the air sterilizer by using ultraviolet rays.

Recommendation for using it in offices, conference rooms, business meeting rooms, and etc.

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About us

 Manza Paint Co.,Ltd. is a distributor company who have been distributing varieties of paints and

 painting supplies and equipments since the company's establishment in 1954.  

We are an expert especially, in industrial paint to provide our service and goods to our customers in 

Japan and overseas.  When the times change paint trend changes also. We always try to anticipate the changes and prepare for the changes to meet our customer's needs. 

Our features

We have 8 branches in Japan and 1 branch in Bangkok Thailand where we can reach our customers widely.   We always try our best to assist our customers as a total business planner. 

We are always happy to be your help when you are looking for any new industrial paint,specialized paint or equipment related paint.  Please contact us freely with your inquiry anytime.



We distribute our products in a wide varieties that are including from paints,coatings, painting equipments, painting jigs, painting robots, painting line, paint rooms and etc.

It's a good opportunity for us to have any inquires and offer about paint or paint-related products.

We are always looking forward to hearing from you.


We have built a good relationship with many paint makers ,and we known each maker’s strong points and their specialities, and we select suited paint for each customer's needs 

Whenever you have any problems about paint, we do our best to support you in cooperation with the reliable paint makers. So please feel free to contact us.

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