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【For Metal
Melamine type coating one package type, acrylic one package type、
powder coating, urethane coating two packages , primers

【For Non-metal】Acrylic one package type、urethane coating two packages,
acryl silicon type two packages, primers
【For Plating】Acrylic one package type、urethane type coating two packages、
acryl silicon type two packages

【For Plastic】Acrylic lacquer type coating、polyolefin type coating , water type
 paint, urethane type coating two packages,acryl silicon type two

【For Special use】Conductivity、for antistatic 、for SMC、FRP, patterned coatings,
 designed coatings, functional coatings, coating for floor, print
 protection clear, coatings for electronic parts ultraviolet curing
 coatings, coating for silicone rubber, lubricant, adhesive

【Inks】Inks for silk print, grain patterns and ultraviolet curing

Solvent Treatment

Solvents、metal surface treating agents, plastic surface preparation agent, processing agent for mist in booths

Secondary materials

Abrasives(Waterproof sand paper)、masking tapes、brushes、filter mediums, coating related fixtures, thermo pipes


Coating equipments, automatic coating machines, coating robots, ultraviolet irradiation systems、parallel conveyors, color changer color changer, sludge treating systems, waste solvent recycle systems, electroforming,

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