Corporate philosophy

Based on our management philosophy of "Coexistence and Co-prosperity," we will fulfill our social responsibility to protect the

global environment by coexisting with the irreplaceable earth and promoting earth-friendly corporate activities.

Environmental policy and concrete efforts

Compliance with environment-related laws

・ Strict adherence to environment-related laws, regulations, ordinances, etc.

・ Continuous improvement and prevention of environmental management system and 
prevent environmental pollution

Dangerous Goods management

・ Establishment of Dangerous Goods management regulations and establishment of content-controlled chemical substance management system

・ Promotion of acquisition of Dangerous Goods management qualification

Energy saving, resource saving promotion, CO2 emission control, biodiversity conservation

・ Effective use of energy such as electricity and gasoline (understanding of usage by submitting data from each sales office, self-evaluation by check sheet)

・ Reduction of office paper usage (understanding the usage by submitting data from each sales office, active use of backing paper, self-evaluation by check sheet)

・ Reduction of waste and promotion of recycling (self-evaluation by check sheet)

・ Use of environmentally friendly products

Providing environmentally friendly products

・ Encourage paint makers to develop environmentally friendly paints

・ Focus on providing environment-friendly paints

Environmental education and enlightenment activities

・ Eliminate waste in the workplace and improve production efficiency

・ Promotion of energy saving and resource saving (self-evaluation by check sheet)

・ Cost reduction by implementing 5S methodology and promoting 3R activities (self-evaluation using check sheets)

・ Setting and promotion of specific objectives and goals for items, and regular review of progress (creation of environmental management activity plan follow-up table)

・ Promote collaboration with related parties by thoroughly implementing environmental policies within the company and disclosing them to the outside


Manza Paint Co., Ltd. is a company that has acquired the environmental management system standard in Japan "ECO STAGE" certificate

on. (Certification number: EST-556)

Environmental problems are a major issue common to the world,

and it is essential to respond to the environment in corporate activities, and the introduction of

environmental management systems is widespread regardless of industry.

"ECO STAGE" was born as one of Japanese standards for environmental management systems.

"ECO STAGE" is highly consistent with ISO14001 and is an effective system for further strengthening

management. It has become widespread mainly in Japan SMEs and is recommended for the

transaction standards of many large companies.