Our features

Making use of our network consisted of 8 domestic branches and 1 overseas branch is available to make a deal with us.

We are helping and assisting our customers as a total planner who has provides products and services in a wide range of fields such as paints and equipment and jigs, secondary materials , Processing agents.

The total planner for industrial coatings and equipments considering future Earth and environment
Since its establishment in 1954, Manza Paint co.,Ltd., as a general trading company of paints and equipment on the basis of the abandant experience and acheivements cultivated over many years, have provided many customers with products from many makers. The times are now entering a new phase.
We believe that what we can do to deal with global warming, natural environmental problems, etc., which have been feared for some time is to take into consideration the future earth for the children who will take responsibility for the future. Considering the coating efficiency, we aim to reduce the VOC of organic solvent paints, and we also aim to propose a change to water-based coating and film sheet processing.
In addition, we are actively promoting the provision of rationalized equipment and various processing agents for reliable waste liquid treatment. We believe that Manza Paint Co., Ltd. must keep continuing to be a responsible company for the future of the earth and society. We believe that it is our responsibility and purpose to take on the proactively challenge of new fields with creativity while valuing limited resources. F o r  t h e  F u t u r e

Our role

As a general trading company of paints and equipment, we have transactions with many makers.

We propose products that meet the needs of our customers.

Abstract inquiries about such products are also welcome. We look forward to hearing from you.


Manza Paint Co.,Ltd handle export business overseas.

We have exported to neighboring countries such as China and South Korea, East Asia, the United States, and Europe. 

When we export paints that are manufactured in Japan, it is necessary to adjust the lead time for paint manufacturing after preparing various documents and arranging shipping services for sea or airplane.

We deal with such complicated work as a whole, so please feel free to contact us even for indispensable export products.